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What is a Chauffeur?

A Chauffeur is simply a driver. However, there is a difference between them.

A driver takes passengers in an ordinary car, Taxi or a Private hire car from A to B. Still, a chauffeur drives only Executive cars, usually Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and offers a service beyond the standard A to B journey.


We also offer Airport chauffeur service from and to all UK Airports.

The Chauffeur will open doors for all passengers when they get in or out of his car, provide them with an estimated arrival time, and always keep an eye on the traffic ahead to ensure that his passenger arrives on time for their business meeting or flight.

A chauffeur driver hire car is also there to add to the service of a chauffeur; chauffeurs always use vehicles that do not exceed the age of 5 years, and they are cars well looked after to ensure clients do travel countably, safe and relaxed.

What do I need to know before I book a chauffeur in the UK?

To be a chauffeur-driven passenger around there is a legal requirement. All chauffeurs need to be licenced by a taxi licence local authorities as either Private hire drivers, a Hackney carriage driver or have a dual licence.

The car used by the Chauffeur also needs to be licenced by the same local authority that issued the driver the licenced mentioned above and needs to have insurance to carry passengers.

Finally, All bookings must go through an operator licenced by a local authority.

Why use a Chauffeur service company instead of an ordinary Taxi company?

When it comes to ensuring that you never miss your meeting, flight, or appointment, it is always much better to use a chauffeur service company and pre-book your service ahead.

Our service will avoid you having to wait for the local taxi company to find a free taxi near you. Taxi companies allocate taxi drivers there and then, and if you use the app-based Taxi provide, you are still in the same position of having to find a driver near you. Moreover, you will never know if that driver has been working long hours or learning the location; you would like to be at a specific time.

When using and pre-booking a chauffeur service, a chauffeur will already know ahead your exact time of pick up, allowing him to plan to be there on time for you. Furthermore, the Chauffeur will plan your journey accordingly, enabling you to be there on time. On top of that, the Chauffeur will be fresh ready to chauffeur you and not do any long hours before your journey.

Our chauffeurs ensure that cars are full of fuel at the time of the pick up to avoid any unnecessary stops on the way.


Why use MTS – Chauffeur service and airport transfers?

MTS is a chauffeur company that is licenced as a private hire operator and uses only licensed drivers. MTS Chauffeurs are first-class drivers who plan your journey. There are also here ensuring they are always on time to pick you up, ensuring you are never late for a meeting, appointment, or flight, and promising that you will never be left waiting at any time airport terminals as we track all flights.

MTS is simply the best option for you.

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