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Chauffeur Services & Airport transfers FAQs


Chauffeur Services & Airport transfers Frequently Asked Questions

The correct spelling for the English word is “Chauffeur” and it is pronounced as “Show fur.” However, some people also look for the term “Shofer.”

Lots of people ask, What is a chauffeur? A chauffeur is simply an individual who is hired to drive a vehicle, specifically high-end or luxury vehicles such as a Mercedes or Limousine. At MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers , our experienced chauffeurs also cater to the needs of the passengers apart from driving them from one point to the other.

A taxi driver picks up and/or drops off passengers from one location to the next. In short, he is someone who operates a motor vehicle. On the other hand, a chauffeur is the one employed to drive a luxury vehicle.

From the booking process to the security, a chauffeur’s job is to take care of it all. The role of a chauffeur can include a lot more than that of a driver. So, when it comes to a taxi driver vs a chauffeur, the latter is more experienced and professional.

To become a chauffeur, you must fulfill the PH Licencing requirement. Ideally, to become a chauffeur in the UK, you must have a driving license as well as driving experience of a few years. Other than that, you need to be patient, skilled and have sound knowledge of the region you wish to work in. At MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers, we have a team full of professional and licensed chauffeurs who meet all the above criteria

The best advice on how to book a chauffeur car is to search on Google. You will get a list of the top chauffeur service providers in your area when you do so. Go for the one with the greater number of positive reviews from clients and higher ratings. Next, click on the site, enter your pickup/drop-off time and day, and look for their availability. If the chauffeur service is available, schedule an appointment based on the company policies. MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers has plenty of drivers available 24 hours a day, so no matter when you reach out to us, we will be there for you.

A chauffeur-driven car can cost between £50 and £130 per hour. The cost varies based on the type of vehicle rented such as a brand-new Mercedes-Benz or a regular chauffeur vehicle. Besides, the cost also increases with the increase in the number of additional features. It may include availing of wedding car decorations or exclusive amenities.

Chauffeurs usually employ luxury cars. The best and most famous chauffeur-driven car is the brand-new Mercedes-Benz. At MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers, our vast fleet of ultra-luxury vehicles also has this one available for hire.

 Currently, there are hundreds of chauffeur companies operating in Birmingham. They exist in different regions throughout the UK and serve customers in the region as well as the outlying areas. However, not all chauffeur service providers are up to the mark. Count on MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers for the most professional chauffeur service.

Yes, you can hire a car with a driver. This is known as chauffeuring a vehicle. All you need to do is to contact a dependable chauffeur service provider, schedule an appointment, and they will escort you safely to your destination.

Airport transfers are a pre-arranged transportation service between an airport and desired destination of the traveler. The destination could be a hotel, a tourist spot, or any other location. Airport transfers provide passengers with luggage assistance while also saving them time from renting a local taxi.

You can rely on a professional airport taxi service like MTS to travel to and from Birmingham airport to Heathrow Airport. The travel time is 1 hour 44 minutes which may also increase depending on the traffic situation. Therefore, booking an airport taxi to travel from Birmingham to Heathrow beforehand is the best move.

MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers is undoubtedly the best airport taxi to and from Birmingham airport. It has comparatively cheaper rates and always makes sure to offer services of the highest quality.

Contact a trusted airport transfer service and communicate clearly what you need and expect. Based on their availability and your requirements, schedule an appointment before your airport transfer. MTS chauffeurs keep track of all the flights and arrive on time every time.

Hiring an airport taxi service is the best option to be picked up from Birmingham Airport or any other airport in the UK. Besides, MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers is the safest choice for both pick-up and drop-off at Birmingham airport.

The Heathrow airport is 116.2 miles away from Birmingham which is the main city in the West Midlands and takes about 1 hour and 53 minutes to reach.

Yes, you can book a chauffeur car for both one-way and two-way round trips. So, if you need to travel to London and back to your home for whatever reasons, count on a dependable service provider like MTS – Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers for their services

Yes. You can hire an experienced chauffeur and a luxury car for your wedding. This way, you can avoid the stress and let the professionals take care of everything. They will escort you, your bride/groom, and special guests to your wedding destination safely. So, if your wedding occasion is near, hit MTS quickly

Depending on the number of people, you can book multiple cars for an event. In fact, it is a smart move. Whether it is a transfer to a cor porate event, wedding destination, or any other location, ensure to hire luxury cars from MTS.

When you Hire Chauffeured Mercedes-Benz V class can comfortably escort around eight people. Other than that, it also has enough space for travellers’ luggage and belongings.

If you are a large group of people traveling to and from one location to the other, consider hiring a chauffeur-driven car. You can hire more than one car based on the number of people who must travel. At MTS, we offer airport transfers for many people. So, if you need to travel to and from any airport in the UK, we can be of help.

Meet and greet is a social gathering with the primary goal of networking. It is a form of communication between a service provider for example a chauffeur service provider, the arrival of passengers at an airport, etc.

The number of free hours offered varies from company to company. However, our team at MTS always arrives before the scheduled time so that our valued clients do not have to wait a minute longer. We monitor all flights thus our airport transfer is always on time.

Of course, hiring a chauffeur is usually more expensive than taking a taxi. They must account for the usage of high-end vehicles, top-rated chauffeurs, and several extras. However, we can confidently state that taking a regular taxi is not always the most cost-effective option.

The benefits of hiring a chauffeur service are many. They offer punctuality, 24/7 professional service, security, and much more. Moreover, MTS guarantees a comfortable and cost-effective service for all its customers

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to MTS. Our customer service is available at all times of the day and will happily cater to your needs. On the contrary, you can visit our chauffeur service website for more information.

Chauffeur Services & Airport transfers FAQs. Help Center answers some of the questions related to Chauffeur services, Taxi services and Airport Transfers.