Embark on a Journey of Discovery to the best holiday Destinations for Your Next Adventure; with 45% of Brits planning a family holiday this year, Legal & General conducted a comprehensive survey.

They interviewed 2,000 UK adults, ensuring a diverse and representative sample, to determine where everyone wants to go in 2024. Here’s what they discovered about the most popular holiday destinations and travel trends!

Best Holiday Destinations

Best Holiday Destinations for British People in 2024


It is the number one choice for 2024, with 37% of Brits wanting to visit. Spain is known for its beautiful beaches, exciting cities, and tasty food, making it a top pick for families.


Coming in second, 32% of Brits plan a trip to Italy. This country offers stunning coastlines, historic sites, and, of course, delicious pizza and pasta.


With 16% of the vote, France is a favourite for its charming countryside, incredible art, and famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.


At 16%, Portugal also attracts visitors with its sunny beaches, friendly locals, and fantastic seafood.

What Kind of Holidays Do Brits Want?

The survey also revealed that nearly half of Brits (42%) want a beach holiday. It’s trendy among 45-54-year-olds, but beaches are an excellent choice for all ages! Other types of holidays Brits are interested in include:

Multi-destination trips (17%): Traveling to several places in one holiday.

Activity-based trips (14%): Holidays that include hiking, sports, or other activities.

Sustainable trips (13%): Eco-friendly holidays that benefit the planet.

Travel Trends for 2024

Here are some key trends in how Brits like to travel:

A mix of Short and Long Trips: 33% of people enjoy having a mix of shorter and longer holidays throughout the year.

Shorter Breaks: 29% of Brits prefer shorter breaks, while 21% opt for longer holidays.

Holiday Spending: On average, Brits spent £1,944 on holidays last year. However, 46% went over their budget, mainly because of food and drink expenses (68%), shopping (45%), and day trips (42%).

Tips for Planning Your Holiday

Set a Budget: To bypass overspending, set a funding for your holiday. Keep track of your spending on meals, souvenirs, and activities.

Choose the Right Destination: Think about what you want from your holiday. Do you like chilling on a beach, exploring new cities, or going on adventures?

Book Early: Popular destinations can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel seasons. Booking well in advance can help you reserve the best values and accommodations.

Stay Flexible: Consider different travel dates or destinations. Sometimes, you can find better deals if you’re flexible with your plans.

Airport transfer: Ensure you plan and book your airport pick-up and drop-off to avoid delays in public transportation.


Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal are the top destinations for British holidaymakers in 2024. Whether you dream of sunny beaches, historic cities, or fun activities, a perfect holiday awaits you. Now that you have all the information, it’s time to start planning! Remember to plan, set a budget, and, most importantly, have a fantastic time on your travels!